21 December 2017

Press Release: Capital Access Group is MiFID II Compliant

Capital Access Group is MiFID II Compliant

Capital Access Group (CAG), one of the UK’s leading independent providers of corporate access, has undertaken a review of the forthcoming regulations under MiFID II. As the Firm has no access to trade in financial instruments and CAG’s services cannot be viewed as inducements, CAG has concluded that it falls outside the scope of these regulations.

As such, CAG can continue to provide investor relations services to companies in support of their communications with the investment community.

CAG specialises in managing investor contact for a range of UK companies. These services include shareholder analytics, investor targeting, research commentary, investor feedback and corporate access. In the last 12 months, it has managed more than 2,000 investor meetings for over 70 UK companies. CAG only charges corporate clients for these services.

Commenting on CAG’s status, Richard Feigen, CEO, stated;

“Compliance with the new rules is clearly at the forefront of investors’ thinking for 2018. Under these rules, we are pleased to report that CAG can continue to provide companies with whole of market access to the investment community. This status could prove invaluable to UK issuers and investors alike as MiFID II-regulated advisors struggle to provide comment and access under the new framework.”

Read more about our thoughts on MiFID II here.


Richard Feigen - CEO, Capital Access Group

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