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Capital Access Group advises companies on effective engagement with investors. We specialise in helping our clients with:

Investor Access

Capital Access Group advises companies on effective engagement with investors. Our experienced team offers market-leading access with a wide range of investors. This helps companies to improve their share price performance. Clients benefit from the team’s knowledge and strong relationships with these investors.

Capital Access Group tailors effective Investor Access programmes for companies ranging in size from AIM to FTSE100. We also work with funds involved in alternative asset classes. The objective is to improve the reach and engagement with investors, which in turn strengthens the share price.

  • We target both large institutions and hard to reach investors
  • These include smaller institutions, pension funds and Private Client Fund Managers
  • These investors are often under-serviced and are located in London and across the UK and Europe
  • These valuable investors represent a largely untapped pool of capital of around £700bn

Not only do we identify and target investors, we contact them directly and relay their views back to clients with analysis, interpretation and advice. This ensures that our clients are in control of their investor engagement. Additionally we advise clients on the key investment messages to promote that will appeal to these investors.

Long Term Relationships
Our experienced team maintains long-term relationships and regular contacts with our investors and provides a continuous flow of information to and from them. Capital Access Group has an unrivalled knowledge of these investors. We have been specialising in advising companies on their approach to engaging with these investors for over 15 years.

Whether as an individual project or a broader programme, our services are designed to complement and enhance a company’s wider investor relations and communications strategy. We work in conjunction with leading investment banks and stockbrokers to ensure an intelligent, cohesive approach to investor targeting.

Investor Analytics

Our Investor Analytics service provides companies with detailed and relevant insight into investor behaviour. This enables companies to focus their time on the right investors. Our team interprets data about investors both on the register and across the market. This results in a more efficient use of management time, ensuring that investors are targeted more effectively.

Each client engagement is underpinned by the following objectives:

  • To free up valuable management time by carefully targeting the right investors
  • To enhance outcomes through clearly communicated and actionable insights
  • To tailor our approach to different client objectives and workflows

Our client engagements encompass three key areas:

Investor insight
We seek to understand the composition and strength of a company shareholder register through a detailed analysis of individual holders, their history, fund mandates and performance.

Market insight
Drawing together data from numerous sources, we can build a comprehensive, client relevant picture of investor activity. This identifies investors who will have the most impact, their fund styles, their strategic direction and the market dynamics effecting that direction.

Investor targeting
We believe the traditional over / underweight targeting approach is only the first step. We believe the more important question: “Why is an investor over or underweight?”

Our approach to targeting seeks to answer that question leveraging the insights created elsewhere by our Investor Analytics.

Equity Research

Equity Research helps to promote a company’s investment story. It is distributed to a wide range of investors. We offer this service as part of an integrated investor communications strategy. We can provide a range of research products depending on the ne

S & U Update: Reassuring AGM Statement

S & U Update: Reassuring AGM Statement

Today’s AGM statement from S & U supports our view that the Group has built a solid basis from which to deliver further growth in returns, earnings and dividends in the short to medium term. We are encouraged by the rate of growth in monthly applications, customers and collections. All point positively to the Group’s position in the market and the nature of its non-prime car finance loan book. The impairment to revenue charge has increased but we believe that this is due to transitional mix changes which are being addressed by a more selective approach to recent underwriting. As a result, we see no reason to change our forecasts on the back of this statement. However, we raise our theoretical value to reflect the recent share price performances and valuations of the non-standard lending peer group. On a range of comparative ratios, we derive a theoretical value of 3396p; 6% higher than previously and 22% above the current share price.

S & U - Initiation Note: Playing to its Advantage

S & U - Initiation Note: Playing to its Advantage

S & U is a testament to the fact that focused management, clear strategy and prudent accounting can produce superior returns in most markets. The company provides motor finance to the non-prime demographic in the UK. It has produced an unbroken record of profitability in this area for almost twenty years. As a result, S & U represents a pure play on non-standard finance and a potentially resilient segment of the UK car market; a near unique combination within the wider sector. Using an average of simple comparative valuation ratios, derived from the non-standard lending peer group, we believe that the shares have a theoretical value of 3218p or 39.9% higher than the current traded value

GlobalData Update - Good Visibility

GlobalData Update - Good Visibility

GlobalData’s 2017 final results highlighted three important elements which inform our positive view of its prospects; organic growth, acquisition integration and visibility of its revenues (c75%). In combination, this allows for upgrades to our 2018 and 2019 forecasts. GlobalData’s proprietary data and content, alongside its knowledge within each of its industries enables it to support clients. It has a large addressable market and is not limited by opportunity. Potentially adding further industries would further increase its footprint. We believe that the Group will make further progress in this regard during 2018. On valuation, our DCF model suggests a theoretical value more than 10.0% higher than the current level.

Gordon Dadds Group - Theory into Practice

Gordon Dadds Group - Theory into Practice

Gordon Dadds has delivered on its commitment to extend its innovative operating model and acquire additional firms. Three acquisitions since the turn of the year have prompted material upgrades to our 2019 and 2020 forecasts. Critically, these additions are on terms which allow the Group to align future performance with consideration, protecting a significant net cash position and maintaining the scope to acquire further. On valuation, we continue to see material upside using a DCF model and value on a comparative basis

Low & Bonar - Final Results Review

Low & Bonar - Final Results Review

Low & Bonar unveiled a measured action plan to deal with the issues demonstrated by its results. Management is reviewing the status of Civil Engineering and has restructured some of the business. It has identified production opportunities in CTT while acting to ensure that growth in B&I and I&T is sustainable. Critically, the company has committed to greater cash discipline, pointing to a significant reduction in net debt in the current year. While we have modestly reduced our forecasts for 2018 and 2019, our assessment of value remains positive. Using comparative ratios for EV/EBITDA, PER and yield, our theoretical value is 97p, comfortably ahead of the current level. In particular, the current yield premium does not adequately reflect the company’s prospects.

Low & Bonar Update: Over Reaction - Solid Yield Premium

Low & Bonar Update: Over Reaction - Solid Yield Premium

Gordon Dadds Update - Proof of Concept

Gordon Dadds Update - Proof of Concept

The acquisition of CWE and the recent interim results demonstrate the attractiveness of the Gordon Dadds’ model to both professional service providers and shareholders. In our view, CWE is immediately accretive to earnings and limited in balance sheet impact. By the company’s own admission, CWE is almost unique, but we gain the impression that others are in the pipeline. The detail of the interim results supports our new forecasts without further acquisitions.

GlobalData Update - Information is King

GlobalData Update - Information is King

GlobalData’s interim results demonstrate the breadth of its offering and the success of its recent acquisition strategy. It has reported robust growth in all its KPIs, not least a 20.0% increase in the interim dividend. Considering these results and a confident outlook statement, we have increased our adjusted current year and 2018 forecasts by 9.0% and 14.0% respectively.

Gordon Dadds Group Initiation - Legal Ease

Gordon Dadds Group Initiation - Legal Ease

Gordon Dadds offers investors near-unique access to a nascent but exciting legal services opportunity. Focused on small to mid-ranked legal partnerships, the company allows legal professionals to work within a more efficient structure; both operationally and financially. Its success in securing both lateral hires and firms to join its operation has been impressive but, coupled with considerable relative financial strength, it is likely that this growth could accelerate over the coming three years. Our initial forecasts are based on conservative further recruitment assumptions and no material acquisitions but show considerable growth in earnings and cash. Longer term, our DCF model implies material upside from the current level, a function of the company’s inherent operational gearing.

Investor Communications

We work with our clients to promote and build their investment case and reputation with equity markets investors and commentators. Our team is engaged by clients either as a part of a wider integrated approach, or through a bespoke PR or IR programme.

Our team has significant experience of helping our clients present a clear investment message.

Our advice can help companies present a complicated story in a simple, clear and effective manner. By understanding the outcomes that our clients want to achieve, we can draw upon our expertise to create a tailor-made approach to how they communicate with the equity market investors. This can be vital in helping companies stand out in a crowded market place and achieve an improved rating.

The team also helps companies promote their investment case to a wide range of important market participants. Our independent, strategic advice supports our clients’ objectives, without being conflicted and we build long-term, trusted relationships with our client companies.

Our programmes include:

  • Helping clients to deliver a clear, succinct investment message
  • Crisis communications – rapid support and advice
  • Support during fund raising projects including IPO preparation and secondary fund raisings
  • Communications advice and support during M&A situations including hostile bids and helping companies during bid defences
  • Directing how clients manage their approach with sell-side equity research analysts
  • We advise on engaging with the financial media and help manage relationships with journalists and market commentators

We work with our clients on a standalone basis, or as part of a wider integrated service. This allows companies to benefit from a holistic approach to their entire Investor Communications programme.

Strategic Advice

Our team has deep and broad complementary experience from both the investment banking and communications industries. This enables us to provide high quality joined-up thinking and strategic advice to quoted companies of all sizes.

At the heart of everything we do is thinking.

Our executives are drawn from both the buy side and the sell side and/or have experience themselves as directors of quoted companies. This enables us to provide high quality input based on knowledge, understanding and analysis to provide coherent strategic advice and guidance.

  • We advise our clients on how best to prepare their message
  • The Investor Analytics team analyses who they should be targeting
  • Our Investor Access colleagues give them access to those investors
  • Our Equity Research analysts write research to disseminate that message.

We provide the most effective advice on all aspects of investor communications from setting strategy to implementing it.

Investment Companies

Investment Companies have increasing marketing opportunities, taking advantage of continued changes in the UK savings markets. This is in response to the regulatory demands of the Retail Distribution Review and the recent changes to Pension legislation.

Boards of Investment Companies are applying more focus on marketing to investors directly. They are considering the range of marketing channels and how they target different groups of investors.

Capital Access Group is able to help Investment Companies make the most of their programmes to target and reach investors.

  • Our service includes advising on Investor Access programmes to target Institutional and Private Client Fund Managers, as well as selected IFAs. We also target specialist sector investors including fund of funds
  • Our team writes and distributes a Quarterly Investment Company newsletter, including surveys on trends and market developments
  • Targeting of investors achieved through relationships with central research teams and knowledge of individual portfolio managers investment interests
  • Our clients in this sector focus on the smaller niche fund groups and offshore Investment Companies

Investor Perception Surveys

We offer in depth, targeted investor perception surveys through our ‘Capital Access Insight’ service. Our scientific approach to perception surveys helps Boards and senior management understand investor views and behaviours, and maximise the efficiency of ongoing IR activities.

Our differentiated offering provides a unique insight into investor dynamics. Our methodology uses extensive data analytics to evolve opinions and investor strategies further, going beyond the traditional services available in the market today.

Perception surveys offer an excellent way of exploring the views of investors. Increasingly, companies are working with specialist firms to get right to the heart of what their shareholders think. Investor perception surveys can help PLC Boards shape their strategy and messaging. Capital Access Insight gives our clients the tools they need to understand the views of their investors.

Capital Access Insight is led by Lorraine Rees, who has extensive market and investor relations experience.

European Roadshows

We help companies make the most of their programmes to reach investors in Europe by offering Investor Access on the continent through our Zurich-based affiliate.

Our studies show that European investors outside the UK currently have over £200bn invested in UK companies. It is important for UK PLCs who want to diversify their shareholder register to be able to access these markets.

We provide clients with effective Investor Access programmes in major European financial centres across Northern Europe and Scandinavia, including:

  • Zurich
  • Geneva
  • Paris
  • Dublin
  • Frankfurt
  • Stockholm
  • Oslo
  • Copenhagen
  • Helsinki

Capital Access works with our Zurich-based affiliate Leti McManus, who specialises in facilitating investor roadshows across Europe. Together with Leti we can target a wide range of investment opportunities for not just large but also medium-sized UK listed companies who are looking to expand their investor base.