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Hot Off The Wires - 06 March 2020


  • John Lewis has cut the staff annual bonus to the lowest level since 1953 - 2% of salary - as new chair Sharon White embarks on an overhaul likely to result in store closures.

  • More than a thousand workers were evacuated from their offices in London or told to work from home after a confirmed case of coronavirus was found.

  • Flybe collapsed after Virgin Atlantic refused to inject more money into the troubled regional airline after a sharp drop in its own bookings caused by coronavirus.

  • The spread of the coronavirus outbreak could cost global airlines up to $113bn in lost revenues this year.

  • Virgin Media exposed the personal information of 900,000 customers online after a marketing database was accidentally left online for 10 months.



What is the name for a line of poetry with twelve syllables consisting regularly of six iambic feet, with a pause after the third?

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