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Hot Off The Wires - 13th January 2021


  • Britain is facing its “darkest hour” amid a resurgence in coronavirus cases that will tip the economy back into recession, according to Andrew Bailey, governor of the Bank of England, and Ben Broadbent, deputy governor for monetary policy, who warned that the UK was in the grip of a “double-dip recession”.

  • The property market will melt down without stamp duty extension, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak has been warned. Almost 600,000 buyers want to complete before the March deadline – double the usual number of sales in the first three months of the year.

  • John Lewis became the first big retailer to suspend its click-and-collect service amid growing government pressure on stores to do more to help to contain the virus. Tesco, Asda, Aldi and Waitrose joined Morrisons and Sainsbury’s in banning shoppers without masks from entering their supermarkets unless they have a medical reason.

  • President Trump is facing a growing corporate backlash in the wake of last week’s attack on the US Capitol as his company’s largest lender seeks to sever ties. Deutsche Bank, which has about $340m of outstanding loans to the Trump Organisation, will not deal with Mr Trump’s business empire in future, according to reports.

  • Passengers are being forced to wait more than four months for refunds on cancelled flights, research shows, renewing pressure on regulators to act. A new study says that Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic were rated as the worst leading airlines in Britain, with passengers often treated “abysmally” over the past year.



Who's films were were banned in Monaco after 18 April, 1956?

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