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Hot Off The Wires - 15 January 2020


  • Google said its Chrome browser would phase out the use of cross-website cookies, sounding the death knell for the most invasive internet trackers.

  • James Murdoch has criticised his father’s news outlets for promoting false scepticism about climate change as deadly bushfires tear across Australia.

  • Sterling climbed back above $1.30 to recoup some of the losses from Monday’s sell-off as markets repriced for a possible interest rate cut this month.

  • Netflix has been accused of funnelling as much as £330m in profits made from operations outside the US into tax havens.

  • Britain has rebuffed US’ presentation about the risks of using Huawei technology in 5G networks as containing nothing its intelligence agencies had not foreseen.



In the middle of a round pool lies a beautiful water lily. The water lily doubles in size every day. After exactly 20 days, the lily will cover the complete pool.

After how many days will the water lily cover half of the pool?

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