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Hot Off The Wires - 17th November 2020


  • Lockdown could carry on beyond 2nd December, Matt Hancock has admitted, saying it was "too early to know" whether the current restrictions have been effective.

  • The fight against Covid-19 got a big boost when US biotech group Moderna said its vaccine had more than 94.5% efficacy in clinical trials.

  • The Investment Association, a powerful investor group, said it would single out businesses that handed bosses exorbitant pensions and warned against big post-pandemic bonuses.

  • Shares in London closed at their highest level since June as stock markets around the world rose sharply after news of successful trials of a second Covid-19 vaccine.

  • Companies which hire staff at new free ports will be offered a tax break of £2,240 per worker as part of a bid to turbocharge growth.

  • Aviva is facing questions about its investments in energy after accounts for three power plants it has built showed they are mired in legal disputes.



A horse is tied to a five-meter rope in front of an old saloon. Six meters behind the horse is a bale of hay. Without breaking the rope, the horse is able to eat the hay whenever she chooses.

How is this possible?

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