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Hot Off The Wires - 18th August 2021


  • A sharp drop in US retail sales in July has raised fears over the nation's economic growth in a further headache for Joe Biden as he faces criticism over America's disastrous military exit from Afghanistan.

  • Britain became more productive during the pandemic as labour-intensive industries were forced to close, but the gains are diminishing as the economy returns to normal.

  • The City was dealt a heavy blow yesterday when BHP, one of the FTSE 100’s biggest companies, announced plans to leave the index and shift its primary listing to Sydney; the miner would ditch its dual corporate structure and separate listings in Sydney and London.

  • The Bank of England is under pressure to take action to prevent the economy overheating as soaring wages and job vacancies fuel fears inflation will keep on rising.

  • The Taliban pledged to protect the rights of women within the limits of Islamic law and grant amnesty to its opponents, as it sought to strike a moderate tone.



According to The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Quotations, in which year was "Once upon a time" first used in a story?

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