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Hot Off The Wires - 20 January 2020


  • Brussels is alarmed by the UK’s pledge to diverge from EU rules after Brexit, with officials warning of an economically damaging split at the end of this year.

  • House prices have risen by 2.3% since the general election on 12 December, which suggests property prices have started to increase at a record rate.

  • The European Investment Bank risks wasting €29bn of EU taxpayers’ money by overinvesting in gas projects which will be unnecessary under Europe’s climate action plans, according to a report.

  • More than a thousand European financial firms have applied to enter Britain despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, data from the Financial Conduct Authority has revealed.

  • HSBC and Amigo Loans are under fire for failed checks on alleged fraudulent loans believed to be worth millions of pounds, in the light of a South London church scandal.



What flower is the symbol of the sun and the symbol of Japan?

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