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Hot Off The Wires - 21 November 2019


  • Boris Johnson has pledged a tax cut for 31m workers by raising the threshold at which they start paying national insurance to £12,500. That would bring it in line with the level at which people start paying the basic rate of income tax, pulling 2.4m out of the tax system altogether.

  • Former Brexit secretary David Davis has condemned America's attempt to extradite the tech billionaire Mike Lynch, who is currently fighting a $5bn civil fraud case in the UK.

  • The European Central Bank has admitted that its own record-low interest rates are destroying banks' profits and pose a “key” threat to the ailing region’s financial stability.

  • Vodafone’s German cable division Kabel Deutschland has been accused of “material obstruction” of a court-commissioned inquiry after it deleted its former chief executive’s email account.



An Astronomical Unit is the mean distance between the center of what two objects?

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