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Hot Off The Wires - 24 February 2020


  • Italy has imposed a strict quarantine across at least 10 towns to contain the largest outbreak of coronavirus outside of China.

  • The rising cost of the coronavirus outbreak for business and the world economy is expected to become clearer this week as quarantine efforts to contain the disease disrupt supply chains.

  • Boris Johnson is planning to ramp up government borrowing to spend more than £1tn a year, said thinktank Resolution Foundation, adding the government borrowing will rise to 40% of GDP, eclipsing the Tony Blair years.

  • Environmental groups have called into question the Bank of England’s commitment to tackling the climate emergency while it retains Dorothy Thompson, one of Britain’s most senior oil company executives, on its governing board.

  • Stansted Airport, the UK’s worst performing airport for delays, is looking to splash up to £600,000 on a new public relations firm to help improve its image.



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