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Hot Off The Wires - 4th November 2019


  • Boris Johnson’s government is to ban fracking in Britain with immediate effect because of the “unacceptable” risk of earthquakes.

  • Fears of a recession in the US eased when non-farm payrolls grew by 128,000 roles in October ahead of economists’ forecasts, showing enduring strength and sending Wall Street to new record highs.

  • Endless quantitative easing programmes will cause “tremendous” and damaging changes to stock markets, Wall Street has warned new European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde.

  • China is on track to be the world’s best-performing major stock market in 2019 as Shanghai and Shenzhen equities rebound strongly from dismal previous year.

  • Business confidence grew in October as concerns over Britain leaving the European Union eased but the outlook for investment remained poor, according to a series of company surveys.



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