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Hot Off The Wires - 6 February 2020


  • Britain’s economy rebounded in January with the service sector companies recording the strongest upturn in activity since mid-2018, helped by fading political uncertainty since Boris Johnson’s election victory.

  • Donald Trump has been acquitted over impeachment by the US Senate, ending a historic and turbulent four-month ordeal and freeing him to seek re-election in November.

  • Cancers could be diagnosed and treated decades before symptoms appear after a landmark study that reveals the genetic errors behind the disease.

  • Tesla shares fell 20% on Wednesday, retreating from record highs amid concerns about a bubble and the impact of the coronavirus.

  • A Brussels crackdown on contactless payments could cause mass confusion for millions of customers and trigger a €57bn hit to businesses across Europe, experts have warned.



The following four cards lie on a table: E, V, 2, and 7.

Each card has a digit on one side and a letter on the other side.

Turning as few as possible, which cards should you turn over to test the statement: "when there is a vowel on one side of a card, then there is an even digit on the other side"?

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