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Hot Off The Wires - 7th June 2021


  • Labour shortages are spilling into the retail sector following a hiring crisis in hospitality that has upended the day-to-day running of pubs, bars and restaurants.

  • The US will donate 750,000 Covid-19 vaccines to Taiwan, signalling its support for the country after Taipei accused Beijing of interfering in its efforts to secure jabs.

  • The UK lost out to France as the most popular European destination for foreign investors for the second year in a row, amid disruption from Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Landlords and tenants should be given six months to agree a plan for rent arrears to be paid back before entering into a binding arbitration, according to the bosses of two of Britain’s biggest property companies.

  • Low-paid workers face the highest risk of losing their jobs when the UK government’s furlough scheme ends in September, according to analysis by a leading thinktank.



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