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Hot Off The Wires - 8th March 2021


  • Household and business confidence has rebounded to levels not seen since the start of the pandemic thanks to the rapid deployment of Covid-19 vaccines.

  • Airlines are upgrading the importance of once marginal destinations as they redraw route maps to match shifting passenger demand; Asia and Africa flights provide strong revenue stream as transatlantic business dries up.

  • Joe Biden is on the brink of securing final approval from Congress for his $1.9tn stimulus bill.

  • Britain endured one of the largest export slumps of any big economy last year as Covid-19 and Brexit uncertainty knocked international demand for goods.

  • The UK is in store for an unprecedented boom in events as the industry prepares to stage hundreds of thousands of weddings and “end of Covid” celebrations when restrictions on gatherings are lifted this summer.



Which London underground station has the most platforms?

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